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Youth football tryouts and evaluations made easy!

Are you coaching a youth football team trying to run football tryouts and player evaluations, but have no idea where to start?

"You Can learn how to run
the most effective youth football tryouts
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football tryouts
  • Organize Your Football Tryouts

  • Improve Your Entire Evaluation Process

  • Gain Respect of Friends, Coaches & Parents

  • Save Yourself Time, Hassels, and Energy

  • Makes Your Youth Football Tryouts Fair

  • Enhance Your Overall Ability To Communicate

  • Gain Self-Confidence with a Complete Plan

Here's what's in this NEW EDITION...

  • 96 NEW Pages of unique tips, tricks, info and techniques that will help you organize a more professional and effective youth football tryout and player evaluation.

  • More than 5 NEW real-life templates all coaches will need to run effective tryouts. Each template can be copied and passed out to the assistants during the player evaluations.

  • Completely NEW Chapter on Player Cut Down Day that shows you how to properly handle parent and player requests, as well as how to break the news to the players

  • Brand NEW Chapter on the Power Ranking Spreadsheet™ that shows you how to quickly and easily place a numerical value on each player that is fair and unbiased.

  • Completely updated list of all the Drills including a section on common drills I believe are useless.

  • Newly developed Chapter on how-to evaluate the Parents for both the flag and tackle levels.

  • Totally revamped Weekly Schedule that any coach, or organization, can follow giving complete instructions on what areas to evaluate each day.

  • New Comprehensive Keyword Index has been added to help you quickly and easily find the areas you are seeking.

Bottom Line: After twenty two years and thousands of reasearch hours, I am more than confident the content of this book is the best available anywhere..

"Without A Doubt, the New Edition of
Youth Football Tryouts & Evalaution Is The Most
Comprehensive Practical Football Tryout Guide
On The Planet!"


Here's what they said about the my Youth Football Tryouts & Evaluations -...
"The book is excellent and the contents are rich compared to some of the other books on the market. I recently used one of your guide for oue entire organization. The strong point was that your examples are full length; whereas some of the other books on the market use a paragraph as a example."
--- Ron Keygen, Westwood, CA, U.S.A.

"I truly believe this book will be a very useful tool to many cocahes, both flag and tackle football. It was more than what I expected to get... I had to evaluate a large number of players and did not have a clue where to begin. I still have years to go to earn my wings coaching and I'm sure it (Youth Football Tryouts & Evaluations) will come in very handy during that time."
--- Peter Zenco, Miami, FL, U.S.A.

"I found the book to be very informative, and the templates were especially handy. The whole tryout process was handled very professionally thanks to this book. The materials were delivered in a timely manner, and I appreciate your responsiveness to my questions."
--- Ben Franks, Glenview, IL, U.S.A.

"One of the few GENUINE and useful books that can be purchased on the Internet."
--- John O'Brien, Springfield, TX, U.S.A.

In a hurry? Don't have 2 or 3 minutes to scan the features letter now?

Letter from the Author, Jim Oddo.

November 25, 2009

Dear Frustrated Coach,

If you've ever struggled with annual youth football tryouts tasks, you're in the right place. That's because I've just released my best selling football tryouts help book - (Youth Football Tryouts and Evaluations).

I'll just briefly introduce myself here to show you why I can be trusted when it comes to the subject of "football coaching" books and ebooks.

My name is Jim Oddo. I'm a professional writer and businessman with more than 30 years of professional experience.

Over the past 2 years, I have become well-known in Internet circles as the Webmaster of one of the most popular youth football coaching websites on the Net, Since Decmeber 2007, more than 1 million people from all over the world have visited that site to obtain information and help with their youth football needs.

I am also the creator of what is quite possibly the most popular Youth Football Tryouts book on the Internet, "Youth Football Tryouts ". In two years, more than 10,000 people from over 17 states have purchased that book, and rave reviews from coaches continue to pour in daily from all over the US.

In addition, I'm the author of a series of popular football coaching books/ebooks: The Complete Single Wing Playbook, Coaching Youth Football, The 3-4 Defense, Coaching Youth Football-Administrative Duties, Defending the Single Wing, The Youth Football Team Mom Organizer and many more.

Time Out:
Before you go any further, why not check out over 200 of my FREE articles, "Tips and Tricks For Coaching Success!"? More than 20,000 people from every state has visited this website to read these gems..

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I update the site on a continuous basis covering every aspect of caoching youth football as well as a few more topics.

People Wanted More
Than Just Another Boring Football Tryouts Manual

Two years ago, a few months after I launched my website, I wrote and published my very first eBook, The Single Wing Playbook (Complete Edition).

The idea for that first practical "youth football playbbok" came from studying the coaching information needs of the first few thousand visitors to

I could see that people wanting to coach youth football were NOT looking for another dry style manual full of war stories and unrealistic schemes. Rather, based on what pages visitors were referencing on my website, plus the e-mail questions I was getting, it quickly became clear that people were looking for practical "hands-on" tips, tricks, advice, info and sample templates.

That's when the idea first struck me. I thought, "Why not combine my ability for business and personal coaching, my many years of varied professional and life experience, and my knowledge of the Internet, to develop a product that could help the average coach improve and fast-track their youth coaching ability?"

In other words, "Why not share the valuable practical lessons I have learned during those 22 years while coaching youth football for virtually every situation imaginable?"

That's how I first got the idea to develop a "football tryout" book for every coach.

They Wanted A "Hands-On" Practical Football Tryout Guide

BUT, based on what visitors to my website were clearly telling me, the emphasis needed to be on the "tryout" aspect, more than anything else. As I said above, I could see that the world certainly didn't need another "coaching youth footballl" to line the bookshelves.

So, right up front I decided that this "football tryouts book" would be much more than just another "how-to" book. I would develop something that people could actually "apply" in a real and practical sense in their youth football tryouts; something containing actual real-life examples of evaluating players.

Long story short; from the day I launched Youth Football Tryouts & Evaluations, it was a popular seller and remains so up until this date.

That was two years ago, which is almost ancient history in Internet terms.

Meanwhile, during the intervening years I had the experience of writing and publishing 12 additional coaching-related books/ebooks..

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Value-Added Features and Benefits Of
Youth Football Tryouts and Evaluations - New Edition Are Numerous...

  1. Over 95 information-packed pages of proven practical tips that teach you how to run a fair and unbiased tryouts for your youth football team. (You'll be the envy of all other coaches!).

  2. More than 5 fully-formatted real-life templates of all sample documents in the book which you can print and share with all the assisstant coaches who help you during the tryouts. This is a tremendous time-saver.. (You'll be able to print and use in minutes instead of hours).

  3. Professional secrets to run an organized tryout once and for all, regardless of the type of coaching job you are dealing with. (You'll find out parents complain less when things are organized.).

  4. Proven "how-to" tryiout strategies that will save you headaches, time, and effort as you will only look at what is important during the player's evaluations. (You'll become an instant
    expert while saving yourself time and worries).

  5. Fully-formatted real-life sample Power Ranking Spreadsheet which shows you how to develop a fair unbaised player power rating on each player. (You'll always divide your teams up evenly).

  6. Specifically targeted how-to drills containing detailed tips, diagrams and strategies on how to most effectively use these drills during football tryouts. (You'll have access to
    professional advice you won't find anywhere else).

  7. Professional tips and advice on Parent Evaluatios, and the "do's and don'ts" of dealing with the parents. (You'll improve your in season problems, dramatically).

  8. Run Professionally organzied Pre Season meetings explaining the exact system you will use . (You'll be able to quick-start the process the next time you have to run a football tryout).

  9. Top essential tips when Addressing the Parents that will give you the edge the next time you have to begin a tryouts sessions and need to address the parents. (You'll have the
    insider secrets used by the top professionals in this field).

  10. Fully-formatted Player Evalauations templates to guide you in tryouts makingit easy to score each player's performance. (You'll be miles ahead of your peers in the
    organization game).

  11. Newly developed tryouts guidelines that show you how to eliminate most mistakes made by other coaches when running their youth football tryouts. (Your tryouts will improve significantly).

  12. Exclusive insider access to my proprietary Power Ranking Spreadsheet™ that shows you how to quickly and easily evaluate all player's skill using a real-life template. (Your approach to youth football tryouts will be changed forever once you have used this simple  but powerful method).

  13. My personal list of the skills you need to make sure and evaluate during the football tryouts and the exact drills to run to get the information you really need. (You'll know
    exactly where to look for the best information and help every time).

  14. My "Top 15" skills that MUST be evaluated at every youth football tryout. These are the mandatory skills that must be tested to make sure all players receive a fair evaluation.. (You'll never again have to spend hours searching through the results of a google or yahoo search looking for what to run at your youth football tryouts).

  15. Newly developed material on how to plan for football tryouts during the off-season so you can "hit the ground running" the day tryouts begin. (You'll have insider secrets that
    will make your tryouts look like it was runn by a pro).

  16. Never-Before Published details on how to use my Power Ranking Spreadsheet)™ to improve the quality of breaking down the players into seperate teamst. (You'll look like a
    professional expert every time you use the PRS).

  17. Comprehensive Keyword Index to help you quickly and easily find anything that matches your specific needs. (You'll have quick access to the tryouts resource you need).

  18. Value-added bonus packages (see below) that give you benefits over and above an already value-packed offering. (You'll be the owner of a unique do-it-yourself book full of
    powerful professional youth football tryout tools).

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In Addition, When You Order YouthFootball Tryouts & Evaluations
You Will Also Get THREE Bonus Extras!

Bonus Extra ONE!

You get a special Bonus Chapter on Parent Evaluations , packed with tips, tricks and advice that I acquired during my 25+ years of coaching youth football.

This chapter reveals my own Insider Tips and Secrets for making sure you look for any warning signs from parents during the tryouts. Trust me when I tell you that a problem parent can ruin a season, so i believe it is better to be safe than sorry..

Want to know what a real Problem Parent looks like? read this chapter and get some of my hints!

It is very important not to ignore any of the basic warning signs many potential problem parents give off. Please make sure you do not ignore any of these signals.

Bonus Extra TWO!

You also get a special Bonus Chapter that explains in step-by-step detail, exactly how to use my proprietary Power Ranking Spreadsheet™.

This exclusive technique that I developed shows you how you can quickly and easily evaluate all the players trying out for the team in a fair an unbaised manner..

Following the simple step-by-step instructions (with examples) and learning how to use this powerful technique will be worth many times the price of this book as far as your football coaching future is concerned.

Bonus Extra THREE!

Get ready…this one's a biggie!

When you purchase your copy of Youth Football Tryouts and Evaluations you will be entitled to One Free Consultation with me (by e-mail) on any tryout or evaluation question that you do while using the book as your guide.

Just imagine, when you start to organize your tryouts, you will be entitled to receive my personal professional assessment of your work.

This Free Consultation offer is valid for one full year from your date of purchase!

Over And Above The Features And Benefits Listed,
Here's How Using Youth Football Tryouts and Evaluations
Will Benefit You Personally…

  • You will have the tools you need to fast-track all of your youth football tryouts and player evaluations.

  • You will quickly improve your tryout organizational skills, abilities, and knowledge.

  • You will save valuable time and money by using ready-made professional system.

  • You will be able to evaluate all players on a fair unbaised system.

  • You will have better insight to splitting up the players into teams.

  • You will gain self-confidence knowing you are using a proven system by a 22+ year veteran coach.

  • You will dramatically improve your ability to communicate with players & parents.

Oh... and let's not forget about how much your coaches, your board members, your parents, and/or your players will be surprised and impressed by your football tryouts expertise!

Get your key to tryouts success right here!

So, How Much Is All Of This Worth?

... is a question you are probably asking right about now.

That all depends of course, on how you look at it. But when you really think about it carefully, what you're actually asking yourself is…

  • "What value do I put on a product that will save me significant amounts of money, time, and effort - year, after year, after year?"

  • "What is it worth for me to learn how to be efficient and run a better more organized tryout then the other coaches?"

  • "How much do I value time and organization?"

Well, I've got good news for you. It's not going to cost you a lot!

That's because, what all of this is worth in terms of "value", and what the actual cost to you will be, are two completely different things!

The Book Is Actually Worth Much More Than You'll Pay…

Here are some example illustrations that will give you just an idea of the true value of Youth Football Tryouts and Evaluations:

  • The cost to hire a professional programmer to develop a spreadsheet ranges from $60 to $100/hr.

  • A brain storming session with a 22+ year veteran coach is priceless, if you can find one.

  • The information in the Evaluating Personal Chapter alone, with insider tips, tricks, advice, and samples of the drills would sell for at least $195 at a typical seminar.

  • The Free Bonus Consultations with me me is worth $75 to $150, assuming I spend between ¾ and 1½ hour(s) for the research and response to your emails.

    Based on these typical examples, just applying the Tryouts Book and Bonuses to a few typical youth football tryouts seminars could easily be worth $500 or more in direct savings to you.

And don't forget about the value of your personal and professional time! Every time you use the Youth Football Tryouts Book for one of your seasons it will save you valuable hours of personal and business time.

What's your time worth to you, anyway?

Clearly, No Matter Which Way You Look At It,
This Book Is An Incredible Bargain!

But wait, that's not all! Are you ready for this?

The fact is, the 15 evaluation skilld, drills, and other templates included in this book were all written by a 22+ year veteran or coaching youth football in real-life situations.

Youth football seminars go for anywhere from $150 to $600 per day.

This may be hard to believe but it's absolutely true! It really DOES cost various coaches that much to have "professionals seminar" with all of this content!

Furthemore, it's difficult to even put a value on the ability you will have to download the Book and work with it on screen or print copies..

Priceless perhaps?

So, what price to charge you for this value-packed offering has caused me a bit of a dilemma.

Professional pricing research has told us that for a unique eBook like this Book, packaged together with downloadable templates, we should be charging somewhere between $50 and $75 for each copy!

But the fact is, in reality you won't have to pay anywhere near that much.

You can order your Book right here!

So, What's The Catch?
Why Am I Selling The Book Well Below $50?

Well, there are two simple reasons.

Number one. The economy is hurting everyone. People are losing jobs everyday and I understand that every dollar must be watched. You need to make sure you get quality and value with every purchase.

Number two. Since you will be accessing the Book directly via the Internet, I have no inventory or order fulfillment costs. No shipping department, no receptionist, no couriers, etc. These costs are just not a factor for me. I only have to worry about online costs.

Therefore, it's a win-win situation for both of us! We save in costs and you save in price!

I Can't Price It Any Lower Than This!

That is, if you purchase NOW.

For the time being, I have decided to charge a super-low market penetration price of $29.00!  Introductory Special: $29.00 for a limited time only.

Just think. That works out to a mere 29 cents per downloadable page! And you can use each one over and over, again!

Soon I will start gradually increasing that price. But right now, in order to reach the widest possible audience we have decided to offer this value-packed package at this special low price.

(Please Note: Because of the dynamic nature of the Net, we review these prices every day, so we cannot guarantee this low price for more than 24 hours at a time. So if you're seriously thinking of buying, Do It Now, so you won't miss out and be disappointed.)

As a matter of fact, although I've more than doubled the content in the Book, this price is just slightly lower than what I charged for 2+ years. In fact, the major decrease doesn't even cover the cost of inflation over that period!

But because this IS my "flagship" tryout product I want it to be accessible to as many people as possible, worldwide. Of course, I do need to cover my expenses and make a modest return for my efforts, but I don't want price to be a serious barrier for thie product.

Think about it. We're not talking about "big bucks" here. After all, that price is worth about 10 minutes of a youth football seminar!

Given this low price, you will save 3 to 5 times the effort of having to research and develop your own, unproven youth football tryout plan.

You can order your Book right here!

Here's Your 100% Solid Gold Risk-Free Guarantee!

"I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort, apply the information, and use all the templates in this Book, to run your own youth football tryouts, you will have the best tryouts you have ever run. If during the first 60 days you feel that the Book hasn't helped you achieve the kind of knowledge needed to run a better youth football tryout, let me know and I'll issue you an immediate no-hassle credit."

In Summary, here's what you will get in the Book...

  • One-Stop Information-Packed "how-to" E-Book in PDF Format to help you master and fast-track your youth football tryouts (96 pages).

  • More than 5 fully-formatted, real-life templates which you can download straight into your own computer and print for use at your tryouts.

  • Hundreds of proven tips, tricks, and pointers for running the most effective and efficient youth football tryouts and player evaluations.

  • Bonus Chapter on Parent Evaluations, with never before published tips, tricks, advice, and outlines of what to look out for in potential problem parents.

  • Bonus Chapter on my unique Power Ranking Spreadsheet™ that shows you how to evaluate ALL players in one document.

  • Free Bonus Consultation with this author, by e-mail, on any subject covered in the book.

  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee should you not feel you will be running a more fair, unbiased and complete youth football tryout.

  • Powerful Set of Evaluation Drills that will improve your football tryouts and give each player a fair grade based on their skill level.

Special Buyer's Bonus!

With your purchase of Youth Football Tryouts and Evaluations you will receive a complimentary copy of my popular and acclaimed bonus "Overtime Strategy I Use"...





Overtime Strategy I Use is a comprehensive "how-to" bonus designed to help coaches have a plan when coaching a game in overtime. I have used this strategy for over 20 years and the results have been outstanding. This is a simple plan, never before shared with the public, and will give you the advatage you need to succeed in the overtime period. This eBook is a great supplement to Youth Football Tryouts and Evaluations. This is a must have for every coach at every level where they play an overtime period. This system works for flag & tackle football. This $19.95 value will be yours, for free!

Here's what buyers had to say about Youth Football Tryouts & Evaluations...
"I had a very specific product in mind when I went looking for football tryout help and this item has fulfilled my immediate need . I have been coaches youth football for years and until I bought this book I ran the worst tryouts one could imagine. Thanks Jim, for a great product that no coach should be without."
--- Stewart McLain, Fla, U.S.A.

"I expected less but was surprised to get more. The examples (samples/templates) are a strong point because they gave me an idea of how to get started."
--- George Walters, Georgia, U.S.A.

"The Book is more than I expected, especially with the additional bonus. It is well written and easy to use... exceptional value."
--- Johnny Rogan, Maine, U.S.A..

This Powerful Youth Football Tryout Book Will Let You
Run a Professional Tryouts
In Next To No Time Flat!

Download the Book by SECURE SERVER Now
and Get Your Free Bonuses ...
Yes I want my own copy of Youth Football Tryouts & Evaluations including: the 96 page eBook in PDF Format full of "how to" tips, tricks, advice and samples; and the Power Ranking Spreadsheet which I can download into my computer immediately after purchase. I also want my copy of the Bonus Overtime Strategy I Use Reportbonus . Yes I understand that this is a special limited-time introductory offer, and that my credit card account will be charged only $29.00 during introductory promotional period. I also understand that my order is fully guaranteed, and if using the Book doesn't provide a better tryout system, over the first 60 days, I can request a no-hassle credit.


Only $29

Once your payment has cleared you will be returned to our product dowload page where you will direct-download your PDF E-Book immediately!
Get ready! In just a few minutes you will have access to tools that will simplify your tryouts
and make youth football evaluations organized and complete.
Talk about instant gratification!

"Believe me, this Edition of Youth Football Tryouts and Evaluations will empower you."

The very best to you,

Jim Oddo

P.S. ---- Owning this Book will change the way you run tryoutsforever. For the very first time you'll be armed with a powerful arsenal of professional skills, tips, information, advice, and practical tools that will make your tryouts look like a real pro did it! And you can order it now and get started right away!

P.P.S. -- You've got lots to gain and nothing to lose with my 60 day Risk Free Credit Guarantee. Besides, what's your time worth? If this book saves you even one-half hour of personal or professional time, you'll already have the cost of the book covered. So do yourself a favor and order it nowbefore the price goes up!

One final afterthought... Is there someone in your family, or a co-coach who could benefit from the valuable content in this book? Think about it. It's a pretty darn cheap productivity improvement tool for any coach or organization!

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